Cleaning is an extremely popular argument found in almost every family. It is difficult to motivate your children to clean their rooms or help you clean your entire house.  


Of course, kids do not like cleaning the same way as adults. It is very boring. It can be particularly non-stimulating for children. This is particularly true nowadays where game consoles and smartphones are easily accessible. They would rather play video games than help you clean the house. 

Because of this, a lot of homeowners hire Berkeley cleaning services for help. However, if you still want to clean your home by yourself and have your kids involved, here are some tips to follow: 

Let Your Kids Help with the Planning 

It is advised that you get your children involved when planning for the cleaning task. This is your chance to perhaps generate a thrill in the process. On several occasions, the planning stage is about letting your children know why cleaning is a vital chore, explaining the rewards, and setting expectations.  

Do Not Use Cleaning as Punishments 

You should not use cleaning as a punishment. Your children need to know that cleaning is a routine responsibility that you’ve got to do. It does not matter if they’ve been good or bad. If you utilize cleaning as punishment, they’ll expect that they do not have to do it if they’re good. However, that isn’t the best mindset.  

Lower the Distractions 

Getting your children to clean is often something not possible since there are a lot of distractions. If you want to solve this issue, you’ve got to be effective in managing distractions. You should find out what’s capturing their attention and get rid of them for the duration of the home cleaning process.  

Reward Your Children 

It’s very crucial to set up a correct reward system. You may even create a sheet that lists every single cleaning task. If one of your kids completes a certain number of chores, they’ll get a reward for that.  

 If you’ve got a good reward system, you are teaching your kids the correct way of tackling tasks in their adult lives. It is great to have these mental systems in place while your kids are still young.  

Structure the Chores 

All household cleaning chores can be broken down into minor tasks. It’s extremely great to take this method since your children will have the possibility to absorb the effective mindset behind setting realistic goals and problem-solving.  

Utilize a Time Limit 

Time limits, cleaning, and children work well together. If you set a particular time limit, you can get your kids more complacent about finishing the tasks. For example, you can say that their bedroom should be clean in 1 hour.  

If a certain task is not completed within a particular time, your kid can lose a treat on that day. However, you should not use excess punishments if your kids cannot handle the limits. In addition to that, it is crucial to set realistic time limits to allow them to finish the cleaning task.