Do you consider yourself as an animal lover? We know how fun it is to have them at home. They are precious beings that we should take care of. Most pet lovers consider their pets as their children too. We do believe in adopting a pet rather than shopping for one so we hope you also give chance to stray dogs and cats. For more unique pets, you would really need breeders and buy one from them, like, geckos, snakes, arachnids and more. But if you want those animals that are very common in most households then you could look in animals’ shelters and adoption centers for cats and dogs that need a new home. This is a great way of helping those animals that are in need of a new and caring home. We suggest that you save one instead of buying one.  

If you adopt a pet, specifically a dog, you would need to teach them tricks. Your dog should be able to follow commands that you give it. This will help you life with a new dog become well. If you are not knowledgeable on how to train dogs then you should call for professional dog trainers in Georgia because they could do this for you. This is definitely something that you should practice doing to your furry babies because it will help a lot in the way that you deal with them and in how they function and move in your household.  

Here, you will be able to know the basic commands that your dog should learn. We hope that someday soon you will be able to teach your dogs these commands no matter the breed and age. 

  1. STAY: Any dog should learn this command because it would be helpful in the time when your dog suddenly gets loose and you would lose control over the dog or its leash. Hence, if you give this command to your dog, the dog will not run off to a person or to the open streets if this happens. This is a very useful trick for you and for your dog because it will keep them safe and it will help you as the fur mom or dad to secure your pet. 
  2. SIT: This command is a very common one. This should be one of the first commands that your dog should learn. You should be patient enough to try and teach this to your pet because from this command, you could insert and teach them more complicated ones.  
  3. NO: We definitely think that every dog should learn this command because it allows you to control them even on situations that the dog feels overwhelmed and jumps in your couch or jumps at other visitors that you will have in your home.  

If your pet learns this, you will be able to have control over them without hurting them and restricting them behind bars and chains which is also not good for any pet